St. Louis Blues Graphics Package

The St. Louis Blues needed a graphics package that represented the team, city, and energy found at a Blues game. I started by researching the Blues' origin as well as pulling inspiration from the city the Blues call home. The final product is a set of fully customizable templates used everywhere from the control room to on-the-road.

In addition to looking and feeling cohesive, the templates are designed with the editor in mind. I’ve added options and parameters to meet their every need while ensuring they stick to the style guide of the package. All of the templates were tested for countless scenarios and pushed to their limits to make sure the end users wouldn't accidentally break them during use.

Creative Direction
Template Creation


Animation Templates
A massive part of this project was designing animation templates for video editors to use without the need for animators or designers. There were two sets of templates created from the designs. One set of MOGRTS for use in Adobe Premiere's Essential Graphics panel when creating pre-rendered content and one set of Ross XPRESSION templates for use live, in-game.

There were over 40 templates designed and animated as part of the complete graphics package including —

  • Lower Thirds
  • Full Page Graphics
  • OTS Tombstones
  • Game Trailer Toolkit
  • Package Headers
  • Team Headers
  • Show Opens
  • Title Bumps
  • Match-up Graphics
  • Transitions

Design Inspiration – St. Louis

Distinct architecture, ornate designs, and repetitive elements. Intentional, tactile, and precise.


Design Inspiration – Blues Music

Elaborate but precise decoration, reflective qualities, and sophisticated, yet grungy style.


Main Show Open
The Show Open Sequence was the first thing I designed and animated, with the rest of the elements taking inspiration from it. It hits the sweet spot between hockey, St. Louis, and blues music.


Set Design

Blues Weekly is a show that airs on KMOV and recaps the week’s Blues games and news. For consistency, I worked with their designers to utilize our graphics package and assets to dress their set as well as supporting graphics like Show Opens and Lower Thirds.


Arena Takeovers

A “takeover” utilizes every board in the arena. This results in a complete visual experience and an added challenge of designing for multiple sizes and resolutions.

Match-up Graphics - Modular graphics made for each team in the NHL

Player Headshots - Created for each player on the team
(Design/Animation by Ryan Gause)


Goal Song - Because who doesn't like a celebratory sing-a-long?
(The Blues Have The Urge Goal Song (Let's Go Blues) by The Urge)


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